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Feeding the Bread the Life

There is a large homeless population in Washington, DC. Whenever I'm street witnessing in the nation's capital, I'm occasionally approached by people wanting money. Often they will say it’s for food. That's why I usually carry extra snacks in my backpack like crackers and granola bars that I offer to hungry panhandlers. Con artists who really want money for drugs or alcohol will frequently refuse the food. This afternoon as I approached a Metro station, I noticed a man standing by the escalators and correctly discerned he was begging for money. He asked me for some change and I responded by asking this man if he was hungry. When he replied, "yes", I told him I had fruit bars with me and offered him the choice of either strawberry or fig flavor. After choosing a strawberry fruit bar, I gave Joseph a tract and asked if he knew for sure where he would spend eternity when his life ended. Joseph said he was hoping to go to heaven and initially didn’t