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Take Your Time

Occasionally God uses secular songs to minister to me especially in my dreams. One example happened two months ago. I was in the Twin Cities area engaged to a woman who was starting a new job in Nashville. The original plan was for me to stay in Minnesota until my fiancée found a place to live for the two of us. Then I would move down to Tennessee and get married there. Two days before leaving Minnesota, my fiancée asked me to ride with her because she didn’t want to make the trip alone. A friend of hers who had contacts in the Nashville area was to come along but cancelled out. At first I was against riding with my fiancée because she insisted on making an all-night drive in order to attend a prophetic meeting in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She didn’t like my suggestion of waiting an extra day.  Just after 1 AM the next morning, I woke up from a dream in which I was listening to the 1980 S. O. S. Band hit “Take Your Time (Do It Right).” I knew that was the Lord speaking to me

The Global Warming Gospel

Five years ago while I was walking through a business district in Bethesda, Maryland, a man from Greenpeace asked me to sign a petition to protest global warming. This man claimed the whole planet is getting warmer because of increasing  carbon dioxide emissions . I responded by saying the global warming issue is a hoax and made reference to Genesis 8:22,  “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.”  The Greenpeace activist (who I found out knew the Lord) admitted he couldn’t contest that Scripture. Still, there are activists trying to pressure people into preaching a global warming gospel. Last year the state of Maryland passed what became known as the “Rain Tax.” One Maryland county went so far as to  offer churches an exemption  if they preach on global warming. Over 30 churches have applied for this exemption, which could save them an average of  $744 per year . Some pastors have even agreed to begin “

New Things

As a kid I looked forward to the 21st century figuring we would be living like The Jetsons. I assumed our  manned space program would travel throughout our solar system and beyond.  Although our society continues to make technological advances, I believe we are not progressing like we should. One reason for this is some folks love nostalgia too much. This is evident by the numerous oldies stations on the radio and networks like “TV Land” showing reruns of old programs 24/7. While it’s fun to occasionally look back at the “good old days,” people who live in the past usually don’t make an effort to go forward in life. When I worked as a nightclub disc jockey in the 1980s, I realized that many people stop listening to new music when they reach a certain age and prefer hearing songs they grew up with. The increasing popularity of classic rock and “Big Chill” music was the main reason I stopped deejaying secular events. I would later learn my aversion to playing oldies was Script

God's Secrets

Last year when the CEO of Starbucks publicly voiced his support for same-sex marriage, I made a decision not to buy any of their products again . Since then I've been at their coffee shops only when with someone who insisted on stopping by there. A few days ago I went into Starbucks with a friend who after getting his coffee handed me two cards redeemable for free downloads. One of them was for a song called  “ Secrets ”  by Mary Lambert. Recalling the singer was featured in the gay marriage anthem " Same Love " , I figured her new song was something I wouldn't want to hear. Sure enough, an online search revealed the lyrics promote lesbianism. In the chorus, Mary sings... I know I'm not the only one Who spent so long attempting to be someone else Well I'm over it I don't care if the world knows what my secrets are While other homosexuals proclaim they are  “ proud to be gay ” , there are individuals who try to keep their sins a secret. But even if