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More Than Enough

For many years environmentalists have issued warnings of certain commodities being depleted. While growing up in the 1970s, I heard a poem in school about the earth supposedly running out of trees . I also remember seeing TV commercials warning about shortages of oil and fresh water. Nowadays, hotels have signs encouraging guests to conserve water so we can supposedly “ save our planet .”  Now there’s another resource being targeted by activists. This past week I saw a BBC News headline claiming “the world is running out of sand” (the Smithsonian Institution published a similar report on their website). Immediately, I thought of God promising Abraham’s descendants would be “…as the sand of the sea, which cannot be numbered for multitude.” (Genesis 32:12) Still, I read the BBC write-up which explained not all types of sand are in danger of extinction. It’s the kind used for infrastructure and making certain electronic products. I don’t take articles like this seriously when exagg

A Matter of the Heart

The Internet has been flooded lately with articles and posts regarding the conversion of Kanye West. Last week the rapper’s new album “Jesus Is King” debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Two days ago, Kanye performed at men's and women's jails in Houston. He stated,  “This is a mission, not a show.” Still, many believers are questioning the legitimacy of Kanye’s faith. One Facebook friend commented that if Kanye becomes part of a particular megachurch, he’ll dismiss him as a false Christian. Who is he to judge where God wants His people to plug into the body of Christ? (1 Corinthians 12:18) We are to work out our own salvation (Philippians 2:12). A question I’m occasionally asked is if someone who prays with me to get saved means it. That issue was brought up one time by my former pastor after we attended a prayer meeting at the YMCA. There I saw a woman smoking outside and felt led to witness to her. Chelonda wasn’t sure of her eternal destiny but believed the

Rewards for Winning Souls

If you’re a parent and your children do something worthwhile, wouldn’t you want to reward them? Our heavenly Father is the same way. While doing the work of an evangelist, I’ve seen unexpected blessings manifest. Back in 1994 when I first committed to being part of my church’s evangelism ministry, the pastor gave me clothes he no longer needed. A woman who was a leader in that ministry often offered to buy me dinner. The day after Christmas, one of the other evangelism leaders offered to give me his Chrysler Laser. This was the exact type of car I had been praying for! Years later, I was at a library in Tampa, Florida and perceived it was time for me to leave. I started walking home but suddenly felt led to stop and turn around. Eventually, I ministered salvation to a young woman at a bus stop. Then I approached a man standing at the bus stop directly across the street. Aaron was already saved and wanted to give me an offering. He then handed me a $20 bill. At the time I was

Heaven on Earth

An objection that sometimes comes up when sharing the gospel is “heaven is here on earth.” Recently I heard that from a panhandler who wanted money from me (I handed him a snack and a gospel tract but he soon gave them back). It later occurred to me there is no need to beg in heaven. I could have also asked this man where one could find the Pearly Gates and the streets of gold on earth. That beggar might have been a Jehovah’s Witness. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society teaches that only 144,000 people will get into heaven while all other Jehovah’s Witnesses will live forever on earth. Before the latter could happen, Jehovah’s Witnesses left behind after the rapture will have to suffer through a tribulation period and avoid taking the mark of the beast. That certainly won’t be heaven on earth. Back in 1987, Belinda Carlisle had the #1 hit “Heaven is a Place on Earth” (from an album called “Heaven on Earth”). The lyrics talked about a couple enjoying each other to whe