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The Right Place at the Right Time

Last November, I took a trip to Boston, Massachusetts.   I perceived the Lord wanted me there since I was getting all kinds of “Boston” signs (such as this paper cutter used at a church in Florida).   To save on lodging expenses, I stayed at a hostel for two nights but didn’t sleep well due to other guests walking in our bedroom at various times.   The next night I stayed at a house church in Haverhill, Massachusetts.   My hosts would have let me stay longer except they already had too many guests.   Not wanting to return to the hostel, I decided to leave the Boston area and travel to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where I have friends to stay and minister with.   During my time in Bean Town I did some sightseeing but not much evangelizing mainly because I wanted someone ministering with me.   Now I wish I had done more after hearing about the Boston Marathon bombings this past Monday that left three people dead and at least 170 people injured.   This tragedy reminded


Nonbelievers will often attempt to discredit God’s word.   While street evangelizing, I occasionally run into individuals who claim the Bible is full of contradictions.   When I ask them to name one, many times they cannot do so.   They simply believe what somebody else told them. Recently in the Fargo Forum (my hometown newspaper), a man supportive of same-sex marriage wrote a letter to the editor claiming, “God’s laws change all the time” without citing an example.   He went on to write , “Just go to any bookstore and see all the different Bibles, each one a different interpretation . ”   What does he mean by “different Bibles?”   Was he comparing the Holy Bible to non-Christian books such as the Koran?   That’s like comparing apples to oranges.   Muslims believe Jesus was only a prophet and not God’s Son.   John 3:16 says otherwise. This letter writer might have referred to different Bible translations you find at Christian bookstores.   The English language has c