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Hollywood and Islam

Mark Wahlberg recently suggested that “Hollywood bubble actors” stop talking about politics because “they’re pretty out of touch with the common person.” One actress who appears to be taking positive action on the latter is Sally Field. In an interview on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show, the “real Momma Gump” announced she joined Twitter “in order to better understand how the American people could elect a man like Donald Trump.” Ms. Field, I’d be happy to enlighten you on some things. First, this nation was founded as a Constitutional Republic…not a democracy as you and many Americans wrongly assume. I wish more celebrities who desire to use their fame for good have Judeo-Christian values like that of our Founding Fathers. Moral reasons were given in a previous blog article as to why I vote Republican. Here I want to point out a key reason why Hillary Clinton would have been a bad president. The former Secretary of State talked of admitting 65,000 Syrian refugees (most if no

More Than a Survivor

Yours truly with Sunday One of the most popular programs on TV is CBS’s “Survivor.” This reality show features a group of contestants marooned in an isolated location where they must provide for themselves and compete in challenges to avoid elimination. Derived from a Swedish series called “Expedition Robinson”, the U. S. version of “Survivor” debuted in 2000 and quickly became a ratings success. Until recently I never watched an entire episode but now have a passing interest in it.  Sunday Burgquest and her husband Jeff oversee the Family Support Ministry at Living Word Christian Center , the church I attend when in the Minneapolis area. Sunday is currently one of eight surviving contestants for Season 33 of “Survivor.” This past Wednesday a group of us gathered in the fellowship hall to watch the latest episode. The sound was turned down during commercial breaks so Sunday and Jeff could share behind-the-scenes stuff. They were cautious not to reveal information that could d