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Go, Tebow!

One of the biggest surprises of the current National Football League season is the success of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Ever since the Heismann Trophy winner became the starter this year, the Broncos have lost only one game. What makes Tim’s success even more amazing is his statistics haven’t been that impressive for an NFL quarterback. Yet the Broncos have pulled off a string of last-minute comebacks. Unfortunately for me, one of those wins was against my favorite team (the Minnesota Vikings). People have debated if God involves Himself in the outcome of sporting events. One thing to keep in mind is when two teams are playing, there are usually Christians praying on both sides of the ball. Still, only one team can win. Nonetheless, I believe the Lord will bless athletes who give Him the glory and aren’t ashamed to praise His name in public. In January 2000, Kurt Warner put “first things first” and thanked Jesus on national television after leading the St. Louis Rams to a