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Your Spirit Speaks

Earlier this month I felt led of the Lord to produce a video of my “Bad Evangelism” teaching posted last year in this blog. It resulted in an exchange of emails with a Facebook friend who tried promoting universalism on my wall. I attempted to correct my friend of this false doctrine. Despite my efforts to speak the truth in love, she overacted by making false accusations and calling me a Pharisee.  Nevertheless, the exchange of emails brought up a situation I hadn’t considered before. This woman revealed she has an autistic daughter who cannot speak. Because of that, she asked if I thought her daughter would go to hell based on Romans 10:9 since she could not confess with her mouth that Jesus is Lord. I replied by pointing out there are testimonies of people becoming born again while in a coma. In his mini-book “ I Went to Hell ”, Kenneth E. Hagin wrote about receiving salvation during a near-death experience: As I was going up through the darkness, I began to pray. My sp

A Pain in the Butt

Last Sunday a friend and I went to the Minnesota Vikings home opener against the New England Patriots. One key player was missing in action. Running back Adrian Peterson was deactivated for the game due to child abuse charges resulting from him using a wooden stick to punish his four-year-old son. After a brief activation by the Vikings, Adrian has now been banned from all team activities until his legal situation is resolved. Seeing released photos of the cuts and bruises on Adrian’s son was disturbing even though that kind of corporal punishment is common in Texas where Adrian is from. Nevertheless, I pray Adrian will be redeemed from this incident because he’s cooperating with authorities plus he’s my brother in Christ. Last year I met the pastor of a church Adrian attended at that time. In these days of political correctness, parents face increasing challenges with raising children. Unless your kids are homeschooled or enrolled in a Christian learning institution, they are

The Law is Good

Some Christians get really defensive when they hear about the need to obey God’s word. This past Wednesday I witnessed to a dollar store employee who was taking a smoke break outside. She claimed to know the Lord but wasn’t going to church anywhere. When I tried pointing out how Hebrews 10:25 commands us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, she walked away saying, “I have my own beliefs!”  Part of the problem is ministers not presenting a balanced perspective of God. Just as some preach too much about God’s judgment, others totally disregard (and in some cases distort) the Bible’s warnings on disobeying His commandments. l frequently hear believers who defiantly boast, “I am not under law but under grace.” They associate obedience with legalism.  There are numerous Scriptures that talk about treasuring God’s laws. Let’s look at a few from the largest chapter in the Bible... “I will delight myself in Your statutes; I will not forget Your word.” - Psalm 119:16

Don't Jump to Conclusions

Many times before publishing a new article in my blog or newsletter, I’ll share it with a friend to get their feedback. I always want to be sure my writings are accurate and don’t mislead people. It annoys me when someone starts making suggestions before reading the whole thing. Often their concerns are addressed later in my article. Ministers constantly face scrutiny like this. Religious watchdogs habitually take sound bites of well-known preachers they don't like and attempt to expose them. Sometimes it's made to appear these preachers said things they really didn’t mean. A recent example of this involved Victoria Osteen, who co-pastors Lakewood Church in Houston along with her husband Joel. A few of my Facebook friends posted a short video clip of Victoria making comments about worship that upset many Christians (some versions of this include an added "rebuke" by Bill Cosby)... . Eventually, Victoria issued a response saying, " I did not mean to imply