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Witnessing Is Not Soliciting

Last week I went to Best Buy to return a camcorder purchased two days before. Standing outside the store were four college-aged men. Feeling led to witness to the men, I approached them asking if they would take part in a “survey.” All four were receptive and eventually told me they thought they were going to heaven but for the wrong reasons. Soon I led them all in a prayer to receive salvation. By this time, the Best Buy manager was standing next to me. She informed me that someone complained because they “felt uncomfortable” with me ministering. I told the manager that I hadn’t witnessed to anyone else there! Whoever complained must have felt conviction by the Holy Spirit while walking by me. (I have since prayed that this person continually feels uncomfortable until he or she becomes born again.) According to Christian Law Association attorney David Gibbs, Jr., shoppers have the freedom to talk to each other about various subjects. One person might discuss vacations

Who’s Your Daddy?

One day at the Mall of America in suburban Minneapolis, I had a witnessing opportunity with three kiosk employees who were all Jewish. When I mentioned Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of the Messiah coming from the tribe of Judah (Genesis 49:10), one of the women objected because He wasn't born of a human father. A friend of mine later reminded me of Isaiah 7:14, which says that the Messiah must be born of a virgin woman. The Holy Spirit probably didn't bring that Scripture to my remembrance because this Jewish woman was quite contentious and said she had to “get back to work.” The fact that Jesus had one earthly parent and one divine parent is proof He fulfilled Isaiah 7:14. He had to be born of a virgin woman (not man) so his father had to be God and not a man. This fact speaks for Him and not against Him. Who else could fulfill it? My friend also pointed out to me that according to Orthodox Judaism the Jewish lineage is inherited through the mother. If the