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Not On My Bucket List

The latest Internet craze to go viral is the Ice Bucket Challenge. By dumping a bucket of cold water on their heads, people from all walks of life have raised awareness and funds to fight Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. ALS (also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”) is a progressive degeneration of the central nervous system, leading to the weakening of muscles and paralysis.  My friends have expressed mixed reactions to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Some have participated believing it’s for a worthy cause. Others oppose it because many ALS organizations conduct embryonic stem cell research, which results in the killing of pre-born human life. A few God-fearing participants of the challenge have specified their donations go to pro-life organizations like the John Paul II Medical Research Institute in Iowa, which uses adult stem cells. As for myself, I’ve chosen not to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge. I’d rather give my time and money to organizations that minister divine healing

Predestined to Hell?

Like many people, I was surprised to hear of Robin Williams committing suicide last Monday. Minus the profanity, I enjoyed Robin’s comic talents especially in the movie “Good Morning, Vietnam” and the parody of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood in his first album “Reality...What a Concept.” It’s sad this actor/comedian who made millions laugh gave up his battle with depression by taking his own life. This past Thursday I read a WorldNetDaily article about Robin Williams accepting Jesus Christ while in rehab . One man responded to the article with this comment: “God chooses who is to be saved and then opens their hearts to receive the message.” I attempted to correct this man of his belief in predestination, a doctrine popularized by 16th century theologian John Calvin. One dictionary defines predestination as “the act of God foreordaining every event from eternity.”  A passage often cited by Calvinists can be found in Romans 8:29-30: " For whom He foreknew, He also predesti

Speak Slowly and Softly

Two days ago while some friends and I briefly evangelized in a trailer park, the maintenance man approached us. He told us we were on private property (though there was no sign at the entrance indicating that) and needed permission from the manager to talk to the residents there. This man was friendly and thought the manager might give her approval if we asked.  My friend Sue and I eventually approached the manager in her office. When “Mary” learned what we were doing, her demeanor suddenly changed. With an angry tone in her voice, Mary informed us 75% of her tenants were Buddhists and wanted to “respect their religion.” My immediate response was that Buddhists need to hear about Jesus also. While that is certainly true, my comment didn’t help the situation. The manager then revealed other Christians have witnessed on the property and supposedly told the Buddhists they were heathens and condemned to hell. Sue suggested I slip out the door while she tried reasoning with this manage