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Seek and Speak the Truth

During this election season, many are quick to believe every negative report about the candidates they don’t want to win. A few of my Facebook friends have shared a post claiming vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris said, “American churches are propaganda centers for intolerant homophobic, xenophobic vitriol.” Many fact-checking sites are calling this a false statement. I couldn't find an article confirming she said this. One Christian musician that was a Facebook friend posted the questionable quote on her wall. A friend of hers even claimed to have heard Harris say that. I wrote a comment asking when and where that happened. The musician accused me of being “rude” and blocked me. Wanting to remain on friendly terms with her, I sent an email via her website explaining my intent to verify the truthfulness of this statement. She responded by saying the Lord showed her this in her dreams and “…the Deep State already took it down.” I still have my doubts but won’t challenge someon

An Open Letter to Christian Democrats

To whom it may concern: Back in 2016, after posting an article explaining why I’m Republican and voting for Donald Trump, a relative who is a staunch Democrat sent emails challenging my reasons. I responded by emphasizing my opposition to the Clintons returning to the White House. Since then, other left-leaning believers have questioned my political beliefs. Therefore, I ask that you prayerfully read this. We are in the midst of a critical election that will affect our nation's future. First, I don’t want to demean those whose beliefs differ from mine. Nevertheless, I question how professing believers can endorse candidates whose policies go against God’s word. It’s important to align with a party platform that’s in line with the Judeo-Christian values our Founding Fathers intended for our country. Some vote for Democrats because that party promotes programs helping the poor. On the surface, that sounds good. However, civil governments didn’t have welfare during the time of

Step Out and Prophesy

Earlier this year at a home meeting, I kept having thoughts that God has a mate for a young woman there. I didn’t step out until hearing someone say she’s been dealing with loneliness. So I approached her and asked, “Have you been believing God for a mate?” This woman seemed reluctant to reply. Then another woman sitting nearby said the Lord also told her that and should have said something. God confirms His word in the mouths of two or three witnesses (2 Corinthians 13:1). Not wanting to intimidate the lonely woman, I gently told her, “God has a mate for you if that’s a desire of your heart.”  Sometimes when evangelizing, I perceive certain individuals are called to full-time ministry. Rather than declaring to them “thus saith the Lord”, I ask if anyone has told them they are called to preach. Usually, these individuals reply, “Yes.” Then I point out this is a confirmation. In rare instances, some say no one has told them that. In response, I encourage them to pray about it. God may

How Do You Read the Bible?

Some people have a problem with Christians reading the Bible electronically. One time while doing street ministry, I witnessed to a man who wanted to see for himself a Scripture quoted to him. I had a Gideon’s New Testament on me but opted to take out my smartphone to find the verse he wanted to see. This man immediately dismissed me as a “false evangelist” for not showing him God’s word on paper.  I’ve seen preachers claim “real Christians use real Bibles.” While I do have a Spirit-Filled Life Bible plus numerous New Testaments and Gospels of John (to give to those who don’t have a copy of God’s Word), I mostly read Scripture on my smartphone, iPad, or laptop. That allows me to quickly locate verses in different translations with larger fonts that are easier to see. The small printing in some Bibles almost requires a magnifying glass. At night, I often fall asleep to an audio Bible. Romans 10:17 says, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” During Jesus’ t