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Holy Smoke Like Winston Should

Winston-Salem, North Carolina is perhaps best known for being a tobacco-producing center. This morning I got to lead four people to the Lord here. Ironically, the first two were smokers. After I got up out of bed, the people I stayed with offered to take me out for breakfast at Hardee’s. Shortly after I received my food, the employee who took my order went outside for a smoke break. I followed Frances and witnessed to her. Frances already knew the Lord and so I focused on ministering to another woman she had been talking to. Ann thought she was going to heaven because of being a good person. When I asked Ann if I could pray with her to receive salvation, Frances asked to join us even though she was saved.  Just as I was leaving Hardee’s, I looked across the street and saw a McDonald’s employee cleaning the parking lot. I walked over there to witness to this young man. Nick was initially unsure of his eternal destiny. When I shared the gospel with Nick, he admitted he had done

Should Christians Boycott?

Last night before going to bed, I was reading news headlines on the Internet and learned that the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company was temporarily changing the name of their “Chubby Hubby” flavor to “Hubby Hubby” to commemorate same-sex marriage being legalized in their home state of Vermont. I was appalled but not surprised considering Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield have used company profits to support other ungodly causes such as abortion advocacy. Now I have another reason not to buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Every Christian has had to decide whether or not to avoid purchasing certain products or services based on moral grounds. Years ago while I was at a prayer meeting, one man there suggested boycotting Best Buy because the electronics company sponsored a rock music festival where Ozzy Osbourne was the headlining act. At first, I was in favor of the idea. But a few days later, I was praying when the Lord specifically told me to go to Best Buy. When I showed up at