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Happy Birthday, Jim!

This Wednesday would have been my father’s 80th birthday (he passed away almost six years ago). However, another man who was born six days before my dad recently celebrated eight decades on earth. It’s someone who’s also been a blessing in my life. In July 2007, I took a bus from Fargo, North Dakota, to attend part of Calvary Campground ’s Summer Campmeeting in Ashland, Virginia. On the day I prepared to leave for Toronto, a man asked to join me for breakfast in the dining hall. When I discovered Jim was from Northern Virginia and would return home that night, I asked for a ride to Washington, DC, to reduce the bus fare. Jim later took me out for dinner and offered to let me stay at his house. At the time, I had all my belongings with me. It was nice to lighten my travel load by leaving some stuff with Jim. After spending almost a month north of the border, I took a bus back to DC. During the next few months, I resided at Jim’s house in Fairfax. His wife passed away a few months be

'Twas the Night Before Pride

Recently while browsing around a Barnes & Noble bookstore, I saw a display of children’s books promoting Pride Month. One stood out to me titled “'Twas the Night Before Pride.” I didn’t look through it, but a later search on confirmed my suspicion. It was a parody of “A Visit from St. Nicholas” (a/k/a “'Twas the Night Before Christmas”) by Clement Clarke Moore. That inspired me to write a version of my own: " Twas the night before Pride, when all through the house  Two creatures were stirring, men wearing a blouse; Stockings and leather would be worn without care, Without any concern who would be there. Their children were all rolling in their beds; Various nightmares raced through their heads; While their guardians pinned messages on a cap, “Love is love” they would continued to yap. This same-sex couple prepared to make such a clatter, Parading down the street like Black Lives Matter Exposing private parts they would proudly flash, Opening thei

A Letter from Facebook Jail

I’m an evangelist whose mission is to preach the gospel and teach others to do the same. For over 15 years, I’ve used Facebook as a tool for ministry. Despite our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, many Americans have had to be more careful about what they say and post online. Sadly, one politically incorrect statement could cause someone to have their voice silenced. On June 7th, my friend Luca posted this question on her Facebook page, “if you could go back in time and take Hitler out, would you?” I posted this comment in response:  “I would've liked the opportunity to take Hitler out for dinner when he was a young man and share the gospel with him. As a boy, Adolf had considered becoming a priest. Imagine what could have happened if he received a new heart and spirit. Hitler could’ve been another Reinhard Bonnke.” In case you are unfamiliar with Reinhard Bonnke, he was a German evangelist who held large meetings (mostly in Africa). His ministry changed the lives o

Play Skillfully

Psalm 100:1 (KJV) says,  “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.”  Even if Christians cannot sing well (I admit to being one of them), God is pleased when we do it for Him. However, worship leaders should at least be competent musicians. Some churches are better off using recorded music from YouTube or Spotify. I’d be embarrassed to bring someone to a meeting where the musicians played their instruments poorly, and the singers could not carry a tune. Last weekend I attended a church service where a visiting evangelist led the praise and worship. His singing was okay, but I didn’t care for his guitar playing. It sounded like he hadn’t practiced enough even though he recorded CDs of his music. This evangelist had a woman singing with him. They were out of sync much of the time. One song performed was a favorite of mine: “We Will Dance.” This David Ruis classic has a waltz rhythm. The evangelist and the woman attempted to sing the verses in 4/4 time.  Many of the other songs were composit