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Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

Sometimes while evangelizing, you meet people with weird ideas about Jesus Christ. Two days ago, I witnessed to a man standing by his stalled car. He wore a cap indicating he was an Air Force veteran. So I thanked him for his service. Then I handed him a gospel tract after saying, “I used to be in the army. Now I’m in the army of the Lord.” We talked for a couple of minutes. During which, this man claimed there were three Jesuses in the Bible. I wanted to warn him about following another Jesus (2 Corinthians 11:4). By this time, a state trooper arrived and offered to push this man’s car off the main road. I took that as a sign it was time for me to leave. That incident reminded me of a television program called “To Tell the Truth.” Four celebrity panelists are introduced to three contestants claiming to be the same person. The panelists then ask them questions to determine which  contestant is the genuine article. The host eventually asks, “Will the real so-and-so please stand up?”

God’s Children Are Not For Sale: A Review of “Sound of Freedom”

Often we take simple things for granted, such as the liberty to walk to the store. What if you couldn’t do that anymore? Imagine someone controlling your life all hours of the day and forcing you to do horrific things. Millions of children are trapped in a modern-day holocaust that’s now being exposed on the silver screen. The movie “Sound of Freedom” is based on a true story. Jim Caviezel (who played Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ”) stars as Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent who later quit his job to devote his life to rescuing children caught in sex trafficking . Early in the movie, Tim and his associates arrest a man for downloading child pornography. Information obtained through this pedophile enabled Tim to track down another one attempting to smuggle a Honduran boy across the border. Tim soon learns the boy’s sister is held captive by traffickers. He then embarks on a dangerous mission in Colombia to save her. “Sound of Freedom” encountered opposition from Hol

Why I Fly on Southwest

Probably my biggest pet peeve with flying is baggage fees . Years ago, airlines only charged extra money for luggage that was oversized or too heavy. Then in May 2008, fees for a second checked bag were added by most airlines in response to rising fuel prices. Despite costs decreasing later that year, airlines increased their baggage fees when realizing what a cash cow it was. Some now charge for carry-on bags! Fortunately,  Southwest Airlines  (whose fares are comparable to their competitors) hasn’t succumbed to this greediness. They still allow passengers to check two bags for free if they are within size and weight limitations. You can also bring a carry-on bag plus a personal item that will fit underneath the seat. As a missionary, I travel with four pieces of luggage. My two checked bags mostly contain clothing and gospel literature. My carry-on includes computer accessories I don’t want to get damaged. My personal item is a backpack containing my MacBook Pro, iPad, and other it

Possess the Land

Moses overlooking the Promised Land Some of the social causes Americans stand for have gotten ridiculous. Last Sunday at a festival in New Orleans, R&B singer Jill Scott sang “The Star Spangled Banner” but altered the words claiming black people are oppressed and “blood built this land.” Those remarks come from a woman with a net worth of $12 million. It’s true blood built this land. Countless U. S. soldiers shed theirs so one could be free to desecrate our National Anthem by singing misguided lyrics. I’ve already boycotted Ben & Jerry’s ice cream because their founders promote ungodly causes like abortion and same-sex marriage. This past Fourth of July, the Vermont-based company posted a tweet suggesting it was “high time we recognize that the U.S. exists on stolen Indigenous land and commit to returning it.” Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield better be ready to put their money where their mouths are. One Native American leader wants them to return the land their company headqua

Pray for Your President

During the history of America, four presidents were assassinated. One of which happened on this day in 1881. James Garfield got shot inside a railroad station where the National Gallery of Art now sits. I’ve walked by there during my numerous visits to Washington, DC. I’ve been to the other spots where an assassin’s bullet struck the president. Abraham Lincoln got gunned down in DC at Ford’s Theater. I went in there once to explore a museum honoring Lincoln. Last year in Buffalo, New York, I visited a monument marking the spot where William McKinley got shot. A few years before in Dallas, I walked through the Dealey Plaza area where a sniper killed John F. Kennedy. Three other presidents have died in office due to health issues. The United States currently has a man I’ve been reluctant to label as my president. Because of his declining mental state, many Americans are concerned about Joe Biden ’s capability to serve in the White House. I still don’t believe he legitimately won the 2