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Reviling Rulers

I have a missionary friend who closely follows the American political scene. Back in 2010, he sent me an article he wrote in response to that year’s midterm elections. For the most part I thought his commentary was well written. My friend even admitted he used to be a “bleeding heart liberal” that disliked Ronald Reagan. Three years after the 1980 election, he suddenly became a big Reagan supporter. What made the difference? My friend got born again and in his own words, “ new Kingdom affiliation had brought about a new worldview!” However, there was one part of his article that bothered me. My friend labeled Barack Obama a “liar and impostor.” I don't agree with the decisions Obama has continued making since becoming President. I would be happy if he was removed from office before his current term runs out. Then again, I read how the late Ruth Heflin (who hosted a couple of inaugural prayer breakfasts) lifted up President Bill Clinton in prayer while he faced impeachme

Take Me to Church

When I’m evangelizing and find out someone is already saved, usually I’ll ask them where they go to church. Some reply, “I used to go to such and such church.” Others will say, “I have church at home” or “church is in my heart.” Sadly, many who give answers like that tend to act very unChristlike.  One time at the Florida State Fair, I saw two men handing out brochures. I offered one of them a gospel tract in exchange and discovered they were Christians. When I asked this man which church he went to, he defiantly replied, “I am the church!” At that point, I knew there was going to be trouble. He then tried giving me another brochure about all the “corruption” going on in various churches. Not wanting to read stuff like that, I responded by quoting 1 Corinthians 2:2 , “For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” Acting like a spoiled child, this man returned my tract saying he didn’t want to read it. Recently a friend shared an a

Miracles on the Gridiron

Last Sunday I watched Super Bowl XLIX between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. I rooted for Seattle partially because their quarterback Russell Wilson is an outspoken Christian. Like Kurt Warner of the St. Louis Rams 15 years before, I had hoped to see Russell lead his team to victory and then thank Jesus on national television. Near the end of the game with the Patriots leading 28-24, it appeared God had His hand on what looked to become a come-from-behind victory for Seattle. Wide receiver Jermaine Kearse juggled and caught a 33-yard pass from Russell at the Patriot's five-yard line. It reminded me of the miraculous helmet catch New York Giants receiver David Tyree (who’s also a Christian) made against the Patriots seven years ago in Super Bowl XLII. Two plays later, I was stunned and disappointed when  a rookie Patriots cornerback named Malcolm Butler made a game-saving interception near the goal line. Later I found out Malcolm is a believer who had

Do You Tattoo?

One evangelistic slogan found on T-shirts and bumper stickers is, “Body piercing saved my life.” That phrase is sometimes accompanied by a picture of a punctured hand symbolizing the crucifixion of Jesus. This is a way of witnessing to the Goth community and others who are into body piercing.   Two years before giving my life to the Lord, I had my ear pierced and wore an earring. Although I’ve since chosen not to wear it anymore, I still get irritated when earring-wearing men are criticized by religious folk, especially female ministers. Who decided that only women should have earrings? In Old Testament days, both men and women wore them (see Exodus 35:22). Another trend that has infiltrated the church is tattoos. Until a generation ago, tattoos in Western countries were mostly seen on military men. Nowadays, both men and women from all backgrounds have them. When I first noticed tattoos becoming popular, I thought this could be paving the way for the mark of the beast. The