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Last Dance (on Earth) for Donna Summer

At the end of every year, the media reflects on the numerous celebrities who passed away during the previous twelve months.One who died this year was singer Donna Summer.The “Queen of Disco” succumbed to throat cancer on May 17th at the age of 63.
Donna grew up in Boston and originally sang in churches but gradually drifted away from the things of God until she rediscovered her Christian faith in 1980.That year she released an album called “The Wanderer”, which contained the track “I Believe in Jesus.”
Donna’s recordings from the late 1970s appealed to me not so much because of her voice but because of the innovative sounds created by her producer Giorgio Moroder.His use of synthesizers in songs such as “I Feel Love” was ahead of its time.It was one of the things that inspired me to later create my own electronic tunes.
However, the anointing of God was certainly on Donna Summer’s voice.A few years ago while at a bookstore, I paged through Donna’s autobiography “Ordinary Girl: The Jo…

Ready for Rebuke

In September 1997 I made the first of what would be many trips to the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida.My initial reaction wasn’t too favorable. Previously I hadn’t heard any sermon tapes from Pastor John Kilpatrick or Evangelist Steve Hill and wasn’t quite prepared for their in-your-face preaching styles. I would have preferred attending more renewal meetings in Toronto but the Lord continued sending me to Pensacola. Since then I have grown to appreciate the ministry that went forth from Brownsville Assembly of God. Their leadership’s passion for purity and holiness is greatly needed in many of our churches.
A couple weeks ago I posted on my Facebook page a recent Steve Hill article warning against heretical teachings (such as universal reconciliation) invading the church.A fellow minister responded to it with mocking comments.On his Facebook page he wrote, “I always cringe when people/prophets/fruitcakes say they have a word of rebuke from the LAWd.He is the God of ALL ENCOU…

The Mr. Ed Doctrine

Before committng my life to the Lord in 1991, I worked primarily as a nightclub disc jockey.  Bar owners were usually difficult people to work for.The first five clubs that hired me let me go after a short period of time, mostly for not talking enough.I felt that club DJs should simply shut up and play the music.
The Bible has much to say about the power of the spoken word.But that doesn’t mean increasing the amount of our words will make more of a difference.Ecclesiastes 5:2 commands to “…let your words be few.”When God spoke creation into existance, He didn’t utter a bunch of words but simply said, “Let there be…”In Mark 4:39 when Jesus rebuked the wind, all He said to the sea was “Peace, be still!”
Consider these other Scriptures…
“In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise.” - Proverbs 10:19
“He who has knowledge spares his words, and a man of understanding is of a calm spirit.” - Proverbs 17:27
“And I appeal to you, brethren, bear with the w…

Speaking For Jesus

Before I recognized the call of God on my life, I studied a lot of self-help materials while attempting various business opportunities and sales jobs.One author I gleaned from was Zig Ziglar who died this past Wednesday at the age of 86.Zig was famous for exhorting the importance of having a “check up from the neck up” to get rid of “stinkin’ thinkin’.”
Growing up in Yazoo City, Mississippi, Zig had Christian values instilled in him by his mother who made sure the family went to church three times a week.However, Zig didn’t become born again until he was 45 years old. Worldly people advised him not to talk about his faith claiming it would hinder his success as a public speaker.Zig had a clever way of witnessing during his speaking engagements.
Ziglar pointed out a key to success in sales is learning how to ask questions.A book that can help one in this area is the Holy Bible.Jesus was the greatest sales and marketing manager who ever lived.The Lord responded to questions asked of Him w…


One of the benefits of doing street evangelism is that it’s a continuing education.You can always learn new ways to approach people with the gospel and how to respond to various objections.Individuals will occasionally ask questions that should inspire the soul winner to dig deeper into the word of God.
I remember one time when I ministered to three boys playing near a school.After I led them all to the Lord, one of the boys asked if it was necessary to say “amen” at the end of every prayer.I told him I didn’t think so but advised him to always pray to the Father in Jesus’ name.As I pondered the boy’s question, I wanted to learn more about the origin of the word “amen.”
Amen is a Hebrew word meaning, “so be it” or “let it be.”It’s something many Christians say when they agree with what’s being said by the preacher.“Amen” is sung at the end of some traditional hymns.It’s also a word found at the end of every book in the New Testament except for Acts, James, and 3 John.Some ministers p…

The Moral Case for Purity

While riding a bus in Tampa, Florida a few weeks ago, I briefly browsed through a newspaper someone left behind.One particular article by a New York-based freelance writer named Jill Filipovic grabbed my attention.I was inspired to search for her Facebook profile and email her this reply…
Dear Jill,
This is in response to your article “The Moral Case for Sex Before Marriage.”I first read an edited portion of it in a Tampa newspaper.Later I went online and found the full version on your blog.
I used to frequently have sex outside of marriage. Had I read your article when I was in my early twenties (I’m 48 now), I would have agreed with most of what you wrote.But after having been infected with venereal disease twice and being forced to pay child support for a daughter I never raised, I see things differently now.While I agree there are benefits of having a healthy sex life, I must take issue with many of your claims...
“There's a booming ‘purity industry’…”
I’m sure the “purity ind…

Reflecting on the 2012 Election

Last weekend at a prayer meeting in Massachusetts, I was waiting on the Lord when I had a disturbing vision of Barack Obama’s face.I noticed the president had evil-looking eyes and then the vision zoomed in on his forehead.Minutes later I exhorted the congregation to pray daily for our government leaders to have the mind of Christ so they make godly decisions (1 Timothy 2:1-4).Those who continue to enact policies contrary to Scripture need to be voted out!
The morning after Election Day, a Facebook friend shared with me a Bob Jones prophecy from earlier this year declaring Mitt Romney would become the next U. S. president.Although I was disturbed that it appears Bob’s prophecy won’t be coming to pass, one thought went through my mind.Romney may have been the candidate God wanted to win this election but all His people didn’t do their part in voting.According to the latest statistics I’ve seen, fewer people voted in the 2012 election that they did in 2008.Faith and Freedom Coalition fo…

Get a Clue

Ever since I was a kid, the Minnesota Vikings have always been my favorite football team.However, actions by one of its players have somewhat dampened my enthusiasm for them. Punter Chris Kluwe (pronounced “Clue-ee”) has spoken out publicly in favor of same-sex marriage in response to a marriage amendment that’s on the Minnesota ballot for this Tuesday’s election.Chris even posed shirtless for the homosexual magazine “Out” despite claims not to be gay himself (he has a wife and two daughters).

Kluwe and other same-sex marriage advocates have campaigned for “marriage equality.”If homosexual marriages do become legal throughout the United States, it’s possible polygamous and incestuous marriages will be as well.When one university professor was arrested for a three-year, consensual affair with his adult daughter, his attorney noted, “It’s OK for homosexuals to do whatever they want in their own home.How is this so different?”
I will continue rooting for the Vikings.However, I am also pray…

A Response to Billy Bashers

During the late 1990s I worked for World Wide Pictures, the film ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.My job there was calling pastors throughout the United States scheduling evangelistic films to be shown in their churches as part of an outreach event.Although telemarketing work can get tedious, my job at World Wide Pictures was quite enjoyable.Most of the time, I talked with pastors and church secretaries who treated me courteously even if they weren’t interested in booking a film.
Occasionally I spoke with individuals who were critical of Dr. Graham (some of my co-workers labeled them “Billy bashers”).One objection that regularly came up was that Billy is “too ecumenical.”The New Oxford American Dictionary defines ecumenical as “promoting or relating to unity among the world's Christian churches.”One can aim to unify the body of Christ without compromising the integrity of the gospel.Jesus Himself prayed in John 17 that we all “become one.”
A few days ago I ex…

You’re Covered

Over the years I’ve heard ministers give differing opinions as to whether they should have a “covering” or a fellow minister overseeing them. The New Oxford American Dictionary defines covering as “a thing used to cover something else, typically in order to protect or conceal it.” One apostle I know preaches that everybody should have a pastor. I believe that’s good advice, especially for newborn believers. Whenever I lead someone to the Lord, I always encourage him (or her) to find a good church where he can be discipled and grow up in the things of God.

The Bible mentions people who had spiritual mentors: Joshua had Moses, Elisha had Elijah, and Timothy had Paul. On the other hand, Moses never had a spiritual father nor did Elijah or Paul. Paul even cited that as proof of his apostleship (Galatians 1:15-17).

I’ve heard some Christians claim, “I am submitted to God and no one else!” People who make remarks like that tend to have a rebellious attitude and are not open to correction. …

On Bended Knee

At a men’s prayer breakfast I attended earlier this year, one of the other men asked me if it was okay for a Christian to bow to another person during a martial arts contest.My reply was that it’s permissible if done as a form of respect and wouldn’t involve bowing the knee.We are to honor men but not give them reverence that solely belongs to God alone.
One might also question, “Must a Christian pray on his knees?”Christ Himself knelt down to pray in Luke 22:41.So did Stephen (Acts 7:60), Peter (Acts 9:40), and Paul (Acts 20:36; 21:5).Kneeling before God is a posture representing worship.
Years ago while doing street evangelism with a group from a ministry school, I overheard a student suggest getting new converts to pray on their knees.Philippians 2:10 does say, “that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth.”But this doesn’t mean someone has to literally be on bended knee when receiving salvation.On March 19, …

The Wages of a Laborer

Here’s a slogan you may have seen on T-shirts and bumper stickers: “Come work for the Lord…the pay is low but the retirement benefits are out of this world.”  This is partially inaccurate because it gives the idea God won’t prosper his ministers while on earth.  Yet Psalm 35:27 says, “Let the LORD be magnified, Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.”
When you commit to doing the work of an evangelist, you should expect the Lord to bless you.1 Timothy 5:18 says, “The laborer is worthy of his wages.”In 1994 I started witnessing on Monday nights with other members of Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.Since evangelism pastor Nick Kinn and I were about the same size, I occasionally received clothes from him that he no longer needed.
One night when we returned from the streets, Pastor Nick asked if anyone wanted prayer.I spoke up by mentioning I had just started a sales job that day and needed to make money.Nick suddenly took up an offering and I was given $…

I Am A Minister

(Note: This is a declaration written by Roger Fields originally titled “The Calling” with some minor edits.)
I minister to the largest mission field in the world.I minister to people.My calling is sure.My challenge is big.My vision is clear.My desire is strong.My influence is eternal.My impact is critical.My values are solid.My faith is tough.My mission is urgent.My purpose is unmistakable.My direction is forward.My heart is genuine.My strength is supernatural.My reward is promised.And my God is real.
In a world of cynicism, I offer hope.In a world of confusion, I offer truth.In a world of immorality, I offer values.In a world of neglect, I offer attention.In a world of abuse, I offer safety.In a world of ridicule, I offer affirmation.In a world of division, I offer reconciliation.In a world of bitterness, I offer forgiveness.In a world of sin, I offer salvation.In a world of hate, I offer God’s love.
I refuse to be dismayed, disengaged, disgruntled, discouraged or distracted.Neither wi…

My Message to a Moonie

Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification Church, died earlier this month at the age of 92.A short time later, I received an email from a man who’s on my newsletter mailing list.I met Richard three years ago inside a government building in Washington, DC.We joined other God-fearing individuals in taking a stand against same-sex marriage being legalized in the nation’s capital.Richard has an organization educating youth to become leaders who understand the importance of reserving sex for marriage.I didn’t know until this month that Richard is also a disciple of Rev. Moon.His email listed the details of last weekend’s “victorious ascension ceremony for Father Moon” followed by Richard’s personal testimony.I emailed this message in response…
Dear Richard,
I received the testimony you emailed me a few days ago and was pleased to read about you giving up drugs, avoiding fornication, and most importantly how you met the Lord Jesus Christ.Since you probably needed time to grieve over t…

Saved and On My Way to Heaven

One afternoon as I got a ride to the Charlotte airport for a flight to New York City, my driver (who’s a student at MorningStar Ministries) admitted that she wasn’t too comfortable sharing her faith.I can understand where she’s coming from.As I often say, the hardest part about evangelism is simply getting started.But once you get used to asking people questions about their eternal destiny, you will look to turn various situations into soul-winning opportunities.
How many times have you walked into a store and the clerk asked, “How are you doing today?”My usual reply is, “I’m saved and on my way to heaven.How about you?”If the clerk responds with a comment like “I don’t know” or “I hope so”, then that indicates they are giving serious thought about eternity.At the very least you can offer them a gospel tract.If the clerk doesn’t seem too busy, you can take time to share the gospel and offer to pray with them.
So the next time a stranger asks how you are doing, boldly tell them, “Save…

A Mormon President?

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is expected to officially become the Republican nominee for President this week at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.  However, many Christians are having qualms about a Mormon possibly becoming president. 
Certainly I prefer a president whose spiritual beliefs are more in line with evangelical Christianity.  Then again, not every past president fits this category.  John F. Kennedy was a Roman Catholic.  Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were deists.  Millard Fillmore and William Howard Taft were Unitarians.  Taft even said one time that he did not believe in the divinity of Christ.  Fortunately no U. S. president has declared himself to be an agnostic or atheist. 
Nevertheless, I don’t agree with many of the teachings promoted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  In summary…
•I don’t believe in Joseph Smith.  I believe Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. (John 14:6) •I don’t believe Jesus was bor…