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A Lesbian Returns to the Lord

Of all the times I’ve gone out evangelizing, I’ve met very few people who admitted they were homosexual.With more of them nowadays “coming out of the closet”, I’ve considered witnessing at gay pride events but haven’t done so yet.One reason is I rather spend time talking with people who are receptive to the gospel.I’ve had homosexuals contact me through the Internet that wouldn’t receive the truth of God’s word.They simply wanted to defend their chosen lifestyles.
Still we should always be ready to minister to whomever the Lord puts across our path.Last weekend I joined a Hispanic church in reaching out to the homeless at a park in Tampa, Florida.While other people from this church gave away food and toiletries, I handed out tracts plus the gospel of John to those who didn’t have a Bible.During this outreach I had a lengthy discussion with a backslidden lesbian.“Latoya” (not her real name) had gotten saved when she was twelve years old.Five years later Latoya’s then-boyfriend forced …

Toking the Ghost Revisited

Back in February 2007, a fellow missionary I was traveling with started talking about “smoking the weed from heaven.”He would pretend to have a joint of marijuana between his fingers and have “smoke breaks with Jesus.”He also encouraged other believers to take “hits.”I was a bit uncomfortable with this idea but didn't contest it.
Then in October of that year, I heard John Crowder preach on “toking the Ghost” at a church in my hometown of Fargo, North Dakota.I was inspired to make a video with John to share with my missionary friend.During the filming, I experienced so much laughter I decided to make the video public figuring other people might enjoy it also.
Two weeks later at a church in Minnesota, I heard Benjamin Dunn share testimonies of people getting healed from “toking the Ghost.”This was just before he and John Crowder started ministering together.I believed this was God confirming His word in the mouth of two or three witnesses.
Many people were blessed by my “Tokin' the…

Making God Famous

On this day thirty-three years ago, musician John Lennon was shot to death outside his apartment in New York City.Years before as a member of the Beatles, John made the infamous remark, “We are more popular than Jesus.”
To some people, the Beatles are still more popular with them because they don’t know the real Jesus. That’s why God needs His people to go into the world and share the uncompromised gospel with others.Unbelievers need to hear about a Jesus that will heal their broken hearts, cure their diseases, and of course, forgive all their sins.
Earlier this year I found out there was a period of time when John Lennon had a genuine interest in Jesus.According to Steve Turner’s book The Gospel According to the Beatles, John became a regular viewer of that era’s most influential TV preachers.In 1972 he sent a letter to Oral Roberts that the evangelist later shared publicly.Here are some of the comments Lennon wrote…
“The point is this, I want happiness.I don't want to keep on with …

Answering Blasphemers

Throughout my lifetime (and especially when I was a kid), I've heard numerous wisecracks involving my last name. People have called me “Post Office”, “Post Toasties”, “Post Raisin Bran”, and “Post Nasal Drip.” A few years ago while ending a phone conversation with my mother, I told her I would keep her “posted.” She sarcastically replied, “Don’t take our name in vain.” 

On a more serious note, punishment awaits sinners who break the third commandment. Both Exodus 20:7 and Deuteronomy 5:11 says, “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.” Even though I frequently used profanity before becoming a Christian, I still had a fear of God to where I avoided blaspheming. 

People wouldn't think of using their mother’s name as a swear word. I've yet to hear anyone holler “Buddha” or the name of some other religious figure if they hit their thumb with a hammer, stubbed their toe or got upset about…