My First Love

Mention the phrase “first love” and people often think of a significant other. During grade school there were numerous girls I liked. One who I consider my first real girlfriend was named Kathy. We were first grade classmates at Riverside Elementary School in Moorhead, Minnesota. Then I got transferred to a different school but came back to Riverside for sixth grade. Once again, Kathy and I were in the same class. We started exchanging notes and calling each other.

On February 14th of that school year I received two valentines from Kathy. I also received valentines from kids that made fun of our relationship or discouraged it. Nevertheless, Kathy remained an off and on girlfriend throughout my junior high years before she broke up with me for good. We still remained friends during high school. Kathy always smiled at me whenever we passed each other in the hallway. 

The last time I saw Kathy was in 1983 when I was 19. My dad sent me to Godfather’s Pizza one night to pick up dinner for the family. Kathy happened to be working behind the counter. After I picked up the pizza, Kathy gave me that beautiful smile. Although I was still attracted to her, I knew we weren’t meant to be a couple.

Over the next eight years, I went through a variety of relationships until I became a born-again Christian in 1991. Nine years after that, I actually got married on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately that marriage was short-lived. My new wife left me for a man that had been my best friend. She subsequently filed for divorce.

Not long afterwards, I decided to search for Kathy online and found her bio on her employer’s web site. I sent Kathy an email and she replied with an update on her life. Since Kathy had also become a Christian, I started sending her my monthly newsletter. Eventually we drifted apart again due to theological differences.

Fortunately there is One who will never leave us or forsake us. Regardless of your marital status, Jesus wants to be the lover of your soul. Often people look to other individuals or things for fulfillment. The Lord rebuked the church of Ephesus for leaving their first love in Revelation 2:4.

The Lord is saying to everyone today, “Be My valentine.” Will you let Him be first place in your heart?

“We love Him because He first loved us.” - 1 John 4:19


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